caroline pierret pirson. Plus jamais silencieuses

Graduating Master’s student in Visual and Media Arts, UQAM

Artist: caroline pierret pirson

September 9, 2022 - October 22, 2022

Opening: September 8, 2022, 5:30 pm

Galerie de l’UQAM offers an in depth look into intimate and collective experiences with Plus jamais silencieuses, an exhibition by graduating Master’s student at UQAM in Visual and Media Arts caroline pierret pirson. In the wake of the #metoo uprising, the artist delves into the form of the testimony for its emancipatory potentials and rallying powers.

The exhibition

Plus jamais silencieuses is a documentary and participatory video installation by caroline pierret pirson which focuses on listening and empowering women’s voices. The project is inspired by the role played by social media during the #metoo movement, acting as a powerful weapon to break the culture of silence and allowing voices to finally be heard. Attesting to the artist’s political and feminist commitment, the exhibition also calls on the aesthetic and sensitive power of video to create a state of presence necessary to unveil an interiority.

The installation unfolds in three parts: a documentary video comprising testimonies of collaborators coming from various origins and ages, a video mosaic showing portraits of women in a listening posture, and a participatory component in which the public can, in turn, share a personal story. Plus jamais silencieuses establishes a space for intimate encounter where faces and voices respond to each other and join together until they create a collective, united cry – between laughter, complaint, joy and anger –, a cry that emerges from silence, until it is freed. To live the experience fully, it is recommended to watch the film in its full length from : 12:00 · 13:10 · 14:20 · 15:30 · 16:40 p. m.

The artist

caroline pierret pirson is completing a Master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM and holds a Master’s degree in Photography (1998) from the École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre in Brussels. As a multidisciplinary artist, her practice has been rooted in documentary film, sound art and digital art for the past few years. She has participated in more than a dozen solo and group exhibitions, notably at the Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery (New York) and at the Galerie Détour (Jambes, Belgium). She has also been a programmer for feminist films highlighting the LGBT+ community, and has been involved as a consultant, coordinator, project and cultural exchange initiator. She has received numerous awards and grants, including the Claude-Courchesne grant in Visual and Media Arts from the Fondation de l’UQAM.

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